It has ever been talked about the collection of the geological engineers who act in the mine sector under an umbrella up to today. MADEN JEOLOGLARI DERNEĞİ was established in 11th November 2011 in Ankara in order to bring the geological engineers together who spares effort to advance the science based on the mine geology in our country (metallic, industrial rough materials, natural stones, gem stones, fossil solid fuels, radioactive minerals).
While convening the geological engineers who act in the mine sector under the roof of, MADEN JEOLOGLARI DERNEĞİ and providing occupational solidarity among our members who perform in the same section, a competition that must be required will be protected. In order to engage in activities under the direction of our purposes, the Occupational Training, Technical Accredited Reporting, Social Activities as well as Communication, Web and Publication Commissions were established within the body of our Association. 


Encouraging technical advances based on geological science in exploration, development, operation and post-operation stages in the mining industry, 

- Contributing to the development and development of mining sensitive to Environment and human health in our country, 

- To contribute to the transfer of the economic and Social Development effects of mining activities to the sector and the public and to the awareness of this issue, 

- To transfer the innovations related to mining geology and other sciences to the members,

- Instilling scientific research spirit to members of the association, 

- To make every effort for mining geologists to specialize in their subjects.


- To carry out and support joint studies with other social organizations, institutions and organizations in order to contribute to the development of the mining sector, to participate and contribute to the legislative processes related to the sector, 

- To prepare training programs such as courses, seminars and conferences to improve the professional, technical knowledge and experience of our members and to realize world-class applications, 

- To make contacts with similar international organizations and to carry out activities in a coordinated manner, to cooperate with these organizations on a project basis and to cooperate with them, 

- To publish and distribute all kinds of publications and bulletins in written and visual media for the purposes of the association and to distribute them to its members.


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