70th Geological Congress  

TAEG has attended the 70. Geological Congress of Turkey, organized by TMMOB Chamber of Geological Engineers, on 10-14 April 2017 at Ankara, METU Cultural and Congressium Cente. All company represents of the sector has been met and the aim, vision and the mission of our Association have been explained to our colleagues and new members have been registered. It was very successful to attend this activity for the advertisement of our association. The traditionally organized Congress initiated at 1947, has successfully reached its 69 years period. It not only gives serious scientific contribution to the geology of the country, but also brings the university, public and private sector institutions together for 69 years like a scientific festival. The theme of the Congress has been decided as "Cultural Geology and Geological Heritage" for this year. The scientific studies and researches produced from the unique abundance of the subjects of the science and the applications of Geology have been presented as verbal and posters at the 70th Geological Congress of Turkey. The theme, "Cultural Geology and Geological Heritage", has been approached as panel and by the invited speakers. We appreciate for your support and the attendance to the longest lasting "Geological Festival" of our country, 70th Geological Congress of Turkey