Our Life Is Mine Antalya Mining Workshop
Date: 24-25 November 2017
Participants: ETBK Berat Albayrak (opening speech), ETBK Dep.Sec., MIGEM Gn.Mn., MTA Gn.Mn., other top level bureaucrats with above STK representatives and other sectorial representatives.
It is expressed by the organization committee members that there were nearly 500 attendants. TAEG Attendance: Board Member and General Secretary Ahmet Şentürk represented TAEG, and on the second day of the workshop contributed the workshop as a panellist on behalf of TAEG.
Subject of the Workshop: Overall assessment about the developments about mining in our country from the angle of different components of the sector and the institutions that they represent.

TAEG Presentation:

1- In the frame of the above subject, it has been expressed that TUVEK, UMREK and the legislative amendments about the regulation of Mining Law Practice that entered into force and new structuring of MİGEM are found as positive according to mining in our country.

2- Nonetheless, it has been warned that, naturally every new application brings some risks together, and these can be eliminated with close communication between sector and the government, as so in this workshop.

3- During speech evaluations were made about the current exploration,

a- Importance of MTA for the Turkish Mining Sector was emphasized, it was determined that MTA underlies the development of the mining in the country since it was founded, and it is believed that today’s activities will also be beneficial.

b- In addition to this, it is expressed that, mining in our country was opened to private sector in 1985 with the Law No. 3213, by this means mining gained momentum, although the main reason for our country’s current account deficit is lack of gold production until the end of 1990’s, today the mines that are explored with exploration activities are producing more than 25 tonnes of gold.

c- Regarding to the countries that are well-developed in mining turned exploration period activities to “Economic Activities” under favour of “Licence Law”, and since 1985, it is expressed with examples that, the same application is applied in our country with positive outcomes.

d- It has been emphasized that, at the present time, especially because of the problems in Forestry and Pasture permits, exploration is not at the desired level by examining the MİGEM’s data, and this is a risk factor for the sector’s development in the coming years.

e- With the pleasure as everyone in the administration and particularly dear Mr Minister are competent on the subject and take steps on solution path, optimistic thoughts are expressed on a going-forward basis.

f- It is determined that, Mine Geologists that are represented by our association are the most ready occupational group in terms of required human resources for every new application.

4- During the workshop, opinion was given for final product subject. As every mining project’s features are different, on the subject how to run and which kind of product should be the target, optimization studies based on feasibility are recommended and the financial models that will be created after these studies will be the most correct approach.