A photography contest has been organized by The Turkish Association of Economic Geologists (TAEG) within our members, within the frame of celebrating 5th anniversary of our foundation. The contest is organized to develop the social bond between our members and to share different point of views of our work subject in a different channel. Geology and Nature Photography Contest Specifications. SUBJECT OF THE CONTEST The subject of the contest is determined as “Geology and Nature”. With the selected subject, it is being targeted our members to reflect the view of their living and working environments with a geoscientist eye. Exhibition that will be organized after the contest will increase the awareness about the geology subject and support us in sharing the nature-geology relation approach of our colleagues to the society. Via Photography Art, reflections of recent geology world from our view will be documented and our association’s archive will get rich with your photographs. CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPITATION Entry to the contest is free of charge.The contest is open to all of our members, except for the selection committee.Every photographer can participate to the contest with mostly 4 (four) black/white and/or colored photograph.Photographs that won an award from a concurrently organized contest and photographs that composed from such photographs with frame difference and/or cropping, color changing are ineligible. However, photographs that exhibited and/or published rather than entering any contest are acceptable.Acceptable levels of photographic interference, color fixing, sharpness fixing, noise reduction, contrast adjusting may be applied. In this subject, conviction of the selection committee is the basis.Stitched panoramas with more than one photo will be accepted as soon as the photographs are taken at the same time and they are real.By entering the contest, entrant represents, acknowledges, and warrants that the submitted photograph is an original work created solely by the entrant that the photograph does not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, etc. Otherwise all of the legal sanctions are under sole responsibility of the entrant, and MJD will not accept any responsibilities.All of the submitted photographs must have been taken by the entrant. All legal responsibility of copyright infringements that might occur in the case of submittal of another person’s photographs belongs to the participant.For participants, violating the rules, all gains, awards and titles of the violator will be revoked. The award will not be replaced with a new one and the ranking and award will be left empty. This situation does not change other participants ranking, and does not give right to any participant that would win or not win an award. The participant should give back the award in case he received one.Organizers accept that necessary permissions are granted by photographers participating to this competition for portrayed people or land. Any disputes arising from use of the photographs in printed or electronic media in this manner will be solely the participant’s responsibility.All of the untouched original diapositive, negative or digital files of the award winner photographs shall be ready to be investigated by TAEG if it’s requested.All of the participants that enter the contest by submitting their photographs are considered to accept all regulations and rules of this competition.FILE NAMING AND PARTICIPATION Participitation to this contest is available both via e-mail to Turkish Association of Economic Geologists ( or via mail to Turkish Association of Economic Geologists (TAEG); Farabi Sokak No: 7/2 06690, Çankaya/Ankara/Türkiye address.Size of the photographs and their titles must be determined beforehand and be kept ready to be loaded on the web page at one single session. The titles of each photograph files must not exceed 31 letters. Turkish characters ç, ı, ğ, ö, ş, ü cannot be used in the title. English letters and underscore (_) can be used. All letters must be in lower case.FILE NAMING Author’s name must be written in maximum 6 characters (Example: For “Ahmet Veli Erten” it can be ahveer or averte)The sequence number of the photograph (1 to 4) must be typed in numbers. After this number an “underscore” (_) must be added.After the underscore, the title of the photograph must be typed, not exceeding total number of character limitation (total 31 characters). In case of using more than one word for title, underscore (_) must be added between the words. Page; 4 / 6 For example Ahmet Veli Erten work with title ”Toprağın Rengi” photograph with sequence number “1” will be named as; “ahveer1_topraginrengi” or “Madenci” titled No:2 work will be named as “ahveer2_madenci” etc.The photographs must be in jpg/jpeg format at 150-300 dpi resolution, saved in 7-12 compression quality. Each file should not be less than 2 MB and should not exceed 4 MB in size. Works that are named as indicated above and word file including the photographer’s contact information shall be sent to Turkish Association of Economic Geologists ( via e-mail or via mail to Turkish Association of Economic Geologists (TAEG); Farabi Sokak No: 7/2 06690, Çankaya/Ankara/Türkiye address. As the files reach to the addresses, information will be given to the participant in 2 days. TAEG will not be responsible for the problems during the download procedure of the work. OTHER ISSUES TAEG and the photographer will both have the copyright; have right to publish, usage, and exhibit of the award winner photographs and the photographs selected for exhibition. These photographs will be kept at TAEG archives. TAEG shall have the right to use the award winner photographs and the photographs selected for exhibition in any of its publications for promotional purposes such as, books, commercials, brochures, magazine, calendars, web pages, mentioning the name of the photographer. The participants irrevocably acknowledge, declare and commit that the permissions given with respect to their works will not be revoked, the use of the works as above will not be prohibited, or any material and moral indemnities or any royalty for the permissions/consents will not be asked for. For any planned exhibition, the award winner photographs and the photographs selected for exhibition will be printed out by TAEG, and no fee will be charged to participants. After printing of the photographs, print outs and the digital copies will be archived in TAEG archive and shall be used in places where seen appropriate by TAEG. All of the participants will be counted as they accept all of the determined terms.SELECTION COMMITTEE (Alphabetically) MJD Secretary: Nihal Atmaca Tel: (+90.312) 428 76 54; Fax: (+90.312) 428 76 54 The jury meeting must be held with at least 3 (three) members. If 3 jury members will not present at the meeting, it will be postponed for a week.AWARDS1st Place Award: 3.000 TL (Three Thousand TL)2nd Place Award: 2.000 TL (Two Thousand TL)3rd Place Award: 1.000 TL (Thousand TL)Exhibitions (Maximum 20 pieces): Will be printed out by TAEG and will be exhibited. CALENDER Application Deadline: 12 October 2016, 22:00 Jury Meeting: 22 October 2016 Results: 26 October 2016 Award Ceremony, Exhibition and Cocktail: 11 November 2016 – Friday, 22:00 Results will be announced at web page on 28 October 2016.EVALUATION OF THE CONTEST RESULTS and THE ANNOUNCMENT The contest results will be announced at web page and accepted/awarded competitors will be informed from their contact information. Ranking competitors’ awards will be presented at the ceremony and the exhibition. The awards of the right holders, who cannot participate in the ceremony, will be transferred to their bank accounts by TAEG, after the announcement of the results. Right holders shall notify their bank account numbers as written to TAEG.The rank of the work of arts presented by the participants will be determined by the appreciation of the Selection Committee. If no work is found as suitable for a rank by the Selection Committee, this rank will be left as blank.