U article has been prepared to give information about the potential of our country's metallic mineral deposits and to draw attention to the difficulties, risks and important points experienced in the mining sector in Turkey.

The content of the article is purely related to the search for medium and large-scale metallic metals. The value of the metal content of a medium-sized mine bed is between $ 500 million and $ 2 billion. The definition of a large-scale mine bed is used for mines whose metal content is greater than 2 billion dollars.

Our country is located almost in the middle west of Tetis Belt, One of the important belts with metallic mineral potential. By the end of 2015, the Tetris belt has approximately 5.7% of the ore deposits discovered in the World (Figure 1). A significant portion of the ore deposits in the Tetris belt are located in our country. In addition to the mine beds found, there is a nice medium-sized metallic mine bed waiting to be discovered. Today, the discovery of mineral deposits waiting to be discovered is directly proportional to the development and settlement of the "mining culture" in our country.

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