Structural Geology Course

Date:   20th of April 2018 (6:00 pm)  
Place:   MJD Office - Çankaya Mahallesi, Kilis Sokak 7/A     

Organizer:  MJD

Presenter:  Dr.Matías Sánchez

Price:  150 TL (MJD Member) / 200 TL (non-member)

The number of persons for participation in the seminar from institutions or individual applications must be notified to the Economic Geologists Association until April 18, 2018" by "paying the seminar fee". You can send your questions about the seminar by e-mail to web adress.

1.   Turkish Association of Economic Geologist shall be informed after the payment of the seminar fee.

2.   Turkish Association of Economic Geologist Economic Business Bank account recipient name"MADEN JEOLOGLARI DERNEĞİ İKTİSADİ İŞLETMESİ” to the explanation part name(s) of the participants shall be written as "Name Surname‐Company / MJD2018-04".

3.   Receipt shall be sent to address.
4.   You will be returned by MJD by email.


The systematic incorporation of structural aspects to the mapping and interpretation of geological data, geophysical and geochemical data at different scales is a fundamental piece for selecting the area to be explored and, ultimately, for the successful generation of exploration targets. The main objective of this course is to disseminate basic concepts of structural geology and field techniques for more comprehensive understanding and characterization of structural controls on mineralization. The course provides a look at the nomenclature associated with the development of normal, reverse and strike-slip fault systems and their relationship with hydrothermal systems and emplacement of intrusions. Additionally, the course will include GIS techniques for interpreting remote sensing data, including magnetometry, seismic reflection, satellite imagery and digital elevation models. Special emphasis is placed on the ability to recognize, outline and understand, at different scales, the styles and types of fault and fracture associated with the emplacement and architecture of porphyry and epithermal systems in the Andes and western Anatolia.


Matías Sanchez is a structural geologist with over 14 years of experience in mining exploration and research projects linked to the mining industry in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Turkey, Greece, Western Canada and Alaska. Matias graduated from theUniversityof Concepción, Chile, completed an M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Royal Holloway University of London and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU) of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He specializes in structural mapping at project and district scales and integrates geological and geophysical datasets with satellite imagery and digital elevation models for structural frameworks for mineral exploration. Matias is the author of several publications on structural geology and magnetic data interpretation for exploration and has dictated several courses for the mining industry and geological congresses. Since 2014, Matias is the director of Fault Rocks Inc. where he is a consultant with clients in Canada, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Turkey.