EFGeoMentoring: Professional career mentoring for geoscientists at all career stages


The EFGeoMentoring scheme aims at offering mentoring services to geoscientists at all career stages who are looking for insider knowledge about work perspectives in other geosciences sectors or in other countries. The mentors iare European Geologist title holders who offer their advice on a voluntary basis.


We kindly ask for your help in promoting the programme within your association and your professional network.


Please note that we offer mentees a credit of 100 € in case they join your national association.


Here enclosed you can find four different visuals for the promotion (general flyer, targeting early careers, mid-/senior-level geoscientists, mentors).


At the following link you can find an email template that you may use for the dissemination. We also invite you to share the following social media posts through your accounts:


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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/european-federation-of-geologists-efg-bb748b53_geosciences-efgeomentoring-geoscientist-activity-6763089739600941056-59JS 

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