11.03.2022 / The Art of Fire Assay

A free webinar with the title of “The Art of Fire Assay: Risk assessment of fire assay techniques to design better assay quality control programs” by Lynda Bloom - organized by MJD (Turkish Association of Economic Geologists) - will be held at 11th March, 2022; 5 pm (Turkish time).



1- We kindly request you to attend the seminar using your ⁠username and surname.

2- Participants will be given a participant certificate approved by the Turkish Association of Economic Geologists.

3- Participation certificate will be issued for people whose camera view is open during the training and who use their name and surname as their username.

4- The limit for the number of participants are 500 people.

5- Participation is free

6- Training is endorsed by EFG


Zoom Meeting Link:



Meeting ID: 944 949 3861

Meeting Password : 6uZ6MF