Arda Arcasoy

Training Committee
Geological Engineer

Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems Consultant 

Certified Professional Geologist by
American Institute of Professional Geologists-CPG
EurGeol (European Federation of Geologists)

Dr. Arcasoy has had 22 years of experience as a Geological Engineer (Ph.D.) and specialized in Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). He specialized in the areas of multi-spectral remotely sensed image data in Economic Geology by Mineral Exploration, Geological, Structural, Natural Hazard Mapping, Terrain Analysis, Integration of Data in GIS platforms and GIS analyses, Spatial Statistics, and Lineament Detection and Extraction. He has developed a “lineament detection model from the point-like features-COSBALID” by utilizing RS and GIS. He has applied his expertise in Environmental and Archaeological Impact Assessment projects within Turkey as a GIS Director in his career.

He is part-time lecturer in Geological Engineering Department at the Middle East Technical University (METU) Ankara/Turkey and teaches Remote Sensing, Classification of Satellite Images, and Digital Terrain Analysis courses.

He has been giving his consultancy services since 2001. He has established ARCASOY Consulting and Engineering, Inc. in 2007 and offering his service to various earth sciences, mining, energy and environment related companies. The company also works for Microimages Authorised Reseller and Geospatial Consultant and sells Microimages products such as TNTgis remote Sensing and GIS Software. The company is also giving services for detection of Ground Deformation with Radar technologies as the Turkish Authorized Office of Altamira-Information (Spain).